Family Platters

1 Tray of Saffron Basmati Rice + 1 Tray of House Salad + 1 Tray of  Pita Bread.

 8oz sizes of our Signature Sauces Tatziki , Dressing, Green Cilantro Sauce, & Garlic Sauce.

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Sultan Family- 9 Skewers 

3 Skewers of Special Fillet Steak Kebab + 3 Skewers of Organic Chicken Kebab + 3 Skewers of Sirloin Koobideh Kebab.  All marinated and charbroiled to perfection!

Large Tray of Rice

Large Tray of Greek Salad

Tray of Pita Bread

$129.95   (Serves 9)

Combo Kebab Family

Skewers of marinated chicken kebab + Skewers of Kebab of your Choice

 charbroiled to perfection!

Regular $55.99 Serves 4-5 (2 Skewers of Each)

Large $67.99 Serves 5-6 (3 Skewers of Each)

(Add $10 for Steak, Lamb & wild Salmon choices)

Organic Chicken Kebab Family

Skewers of marinated chicken breast charbroiled to perfection!

Regular $55.99 Serves (4-5)

Large $67.99 Serves (5-6) 

Koobideh Kebab Family

Skewers of ground sirloin marinated and charbroiled to perfection!

Regular $49.99 Serves (4-5)

Large $65.99 Serves (4-6)


Special Fillet Steak Kebab Family

Skewers of marinated beef fillet charbroiled to perfection!

Regular $79.99 Serves (4-5)

Large $95.99 Serves (5-6)

Wild Salmon Kebab Family

Skewers of marinated wild salmon fillet charbroiled to perfection!  

Regular $79.99 Serves (4-5)

Large $95.99 Serves (5-6)

Lamb Kebab Family

Skewers of marinated lamb and charbroiled to perfection! 

Regular $79.99 Serves (4-5)

Large $95.99 Serves (5-6) 


Original Gyro Kebab Family

Skewers of traditionally seasoned lamb and beef slowly roasted to perfection!  

Regular $45.99 Serves (4-5)

Large $57.99 Serves (5-6)


Falafel Family

Homemade Falafels!  

Regular $39.99 Serves (4-5)

Large $49.99 Serves (5-6)


We make catering easy.

Kebab Place provides full-service catering for corporate events, galas, fund-raisers, social events, weddings, receptions and business luncheons.


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